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One week stay in Berlin with the IPSOS Berlin team

I am a Professor of Sociology at Yeditepe University in Istanbul, Turkey. I have been conducting research in the field of youth studies since my PhD and I consider youth studies as my main area of research (alongside with sociology of everyday life, social movements and gender studies). I have experience in qualitative research and I was involved in various EU funded projects such as PARTISPACE (Horizon2020 2015-18), PARTIBRIDGES (Erasmus+ 2019-2021) and OUYE (Erasmus+ 2021-2023). However, even though I have been involved in the elaboration and analysis of various national surveys, I am not a quantitative researcher. That is why I am so interested in the COORDİNATE Transnational visits not only because it brings together researchers working in the field of child and youth wellbeing but also because these visits enable researchers to have access to data under the supervision of researchers who had conducted the research and gathered the data.

I spent one week in Berlin in January 2023 and I had the opportunity to work in the office of the IPSOS Berlin. Before my visit, Dr. Robert Grimm and Dr. Johannes Kaiser from IPSOS Berlin, organized an online meeting with all the researchers who were planning COORDINATE transnational visits to Berlin. I also had the possibility of meeting the IPSOS Berlin team in another online meeting for organizing my visit. During my visit, as someone working in the academic field, it was really an important experience to observe the work of the IPSOS team in the office. Besides, I had the opportunity to learn abıut the EU Kids Online (Germany) research’s preparation stage as well as having access to the data. I had the possibility of working on the data under the supervision of Dr. Johannes Kaiser. Even though Robert Grimm and Johannes Kaiser warned me that January might not be the best time for traveling to Berlin, I will remember my Berlin trip in the January of 2023 as a very insightful and warm and enjoyable journey….


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