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Tips for writing your TAV Application


Sample Application for Transnational Access Visit

This sample application allows you to see the TAV application questions in a document. All applications must be completed and filled out through the Google form


Show why you chose your dataset

  • Show that you are familiar with the dataset you want to work with. For example, note the specific variables and waves of data you would like to analyse.

  • Ensure that the dataset you choose can support your proposed research. Specifically in terms of the variables and sample sizes. For most datasets, codebooks are available online which will allow you to browse the data in advance. Do not propose to use a dataset which does not contain information on the outcomes you are interested in.


Show why you chose your host institution

  • Research the institutions you would like to visit and list specific academics who you might like to work with. Note, you do not need to contact the academics in advance of applying for a TAV.

  • State what you can learn from this institution that you cannot avail of at your home institution. Also, state what contributions you can make to the host institution.


Show what you know

  • Discuss the theoretical framework that underpins your research.

  • Ground your research within the relevant literature and discuss how it is novel.

  • Define any variables or constructs mentioned in your proposal, particularly in relation to your chosen dataset.


Show you know what to do

  • Clearly define the goals of your research. Be as specific as possible.

  • Clearly detail your proposed methodology and analysis.

  • Talk about your research skills. Have you done this analysis before? Do you want to learn a new method?

  • Explain how your proposed methodology is appropriate for your research question.

  • Ensure that there is a sufficient sample size for the analysis you want to run,especially if you plan on analysing a specific subset of a cohort. For example, if you propose conducting research on migrant children, make sure that your proposed dataset includes a migrant identity and that there are sufficient numbers of migrant children in the dataset for your analysis.


More application tips:

  • Read the goals of COORDINATE and discuss how your research aligns with these goals.

  • Discuss the implications of your research and if applicable, how it could connect to policy.

  • Please ensure your application is well written. Perhaps ask a colleague to read it before submission.

  • Use the available word counts. Demonstrate that you put effort into the application.

  • Be specific about the outputs: e.g., name the journal /conference you plan on submitting your research to.

Here are 3 example applications:

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