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GUIDE (Growing Up In Digital Europe: EuroCohort) will be Europe’s first comparative birth cohort survey. This Research Infrastructure that will be an important source of high quality longitudinal statistical evidence to support the development of social policies which will enhance the wellbeing of children, young people and their families across Europe for many years to come. GUIDE will be an accelerated cohort survey including a sample of new born infants as well as a sample of school age children. Both cohorts will be surveyed at regular intervals using a common questionnaire and data collection methodology until the age of 24 years.

The COORDINATE Team has organised  two webinars for consortium members and Growing Up in Digital Europe (GUIDE) partners to provide updates on the progress made towards securing national funding.


GUIDE Information Session

Invite-only session

6th April 2022 13-14:30 GMT (14-15:30 CET)

Location: MS Teams

The webinar included a presentation from GUIDE coordinators Jennifer Symonds (University College Dublin) and Gary Pollock (The Manchester Metropolitan University) introducing GUIDE and updating on the progress made, followed by a Q&A session for partners.

Securing National Funding for GUIDE

Invite-only session

3rd May 2022 9-10:30 GMT (10-11:30 CET)

Location: MS Teams

This webinar included presentations from our French and Italian partners on their success in securing national funding for GUIDE, followed by an interactive discussion on the partners’ progress towards securing funding.

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