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A Transformative Journey: My 3 visits to the European Centre for Social Welfare Policy & Research

I have always believed in the power of collaborative endeavors, and my consecutive visits to the European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research epitomize that sentiment. Each visit, backed by the invaluable support of the COORDINATE Transnational Access Visits (TAV) programme, not only catalyzed my academic evolution but also strengthened the spirit of international research collaboration.

September 2022: The Maiden Voyage

Thanks to the TAV programme, my initial venture in September 2022 to the European Centre was made possible. The generous bursary covered my expenses, enabling me to focus on my research and immerse myself in the enriching environment of the European Centre. Kai, Cassandra, and the entire team extended a gracious welcome. Their guidance was paramount in navigating the complexities of the SHARE data, an essential component of my doctoral research on cross-country comparative analyses of childhood circumstances.

January 2023: Deepening the Connection

My second visit in January 2023, also supported by the TAV programme, was a deeper exploration of my evolving research. With the Centre's team, we dissected my second academic paper, delving into the nuances of mental health disparities among the elderly in the context of Covid-19. Collaborative problem-solving was at the forefront, as we worked together to address data problems and refine empirical models.

May 2023: The Pinnacle of Collaboration

The culmination of my tripartite journey in May 2023, again facilitated by the TAV programme, was a testament to the power of sustained academic collaboration. A series of seminars, discussions, and presentations enriched my research, opening avenues for interdisciplinary explorations. My presentation on Machine Learning's potential in social and health research, for instance, was an academic highpoint, blending traditional research methodologies with cutting-edge technology.

In Retrospect

The COORDINATE Transnational Access Visits (TAV) programme's vision – fostering collaborative research on child and youth well-being – resonated deeply with my research aspirations. It was this programme that made my transformative visits to the European Centre a reality. Each visit was not just an academic excursion but a milestone in my research journey. To the European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research and the TAV programme, I extend my profound gratitude. Their combined support has been instrumental in shaping my academic endeavors, and I eagerly anticipate our continued collaboration in the future.


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