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Fostering research collaboration at University College Dublin

My name is Isabel Giacomini, and I am a PhD candidate in the Public Health Nutrition Graduate Program at the University of São Paulo, Brazil. My research focuses on exploring the determinants of health and well-being, particularly those originating in childhood and spanning generations. Currently, I am a visiting scholar at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, where I am conducting a study on social inequalities and behavioral difficulties in childhood across several cohort studies, including The Growing Up in Ireland (GUI) Cohort '08.


The COORDINATE Transnational Access Visits (TAV) program came at the perfect time, allowing me to delve into the dataset I was working with. During my short but highly productive stay at the Geary Institute of University College Dublin (UCD), I explored and processed the GUI data, refined my conceptual framework, and carried out preliminary analyses. I also had the opportunity to present and discuss some of my research progress and ideas with Professor Sonya Deschenes' research group.


Additionally, I attended scientific seminars on child well-being, covering topics such as social inequalities, sports participation, and digital media use. Sharing knowledge with professors and researchers from different universities and backgrounds was a great opportunity.


I am extremely grateful for this experience and would like to thank Professor Sonya Deschenes in particular for her incredible collaboration and hospitality. The TAV program has opened new academic horizons for me and contributed to a deeper understanding of my research topic from an international perspective. This experience has been invaluable for my project and has fostered my professional goals in pursuing an academic career in Public Health and epidemiology.


Dublin provided a perfect and truly unique scenario, offering a rich culture and vibrant environment. During my free time, I was able to experience the essence of Dublin by exploring areas such as Dún Laoghaire, Blackrock, and the Temple Bar area.


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