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Three weeks in Tilburg

I felt very fortunate to be able to participate in a Transnational Visit Access (TAV) as part of the COORDINATE project. The program provided me with the opportunity to visit Centerdata in Tilburg and immerse myself in the Longitudinal Internet Studies for the Social Sciences (LISS) panel data.

I am currently working on a PhD project at Ghent University in which we explore family solidarity dynamics within diverse families with adolescents. The LISS panel data allowed me a unique glimpse into how norms of family solidarity evolve during late adolescence and emerging adulthood. My time at Centerdata also presented an excellent chance for me to learn to work with large-scale, longitudinal survey data. Throughout my stay, I received wonderful support from all members of the Centerdata team who were always willing to assist and answer my many questions.

Special thanks go out to my academic collaborator Evi de Cock and contact person Marika de Bruijne for ensuring such a smooth experience during my visit. I was also lucky to meet with fellow COORDINATE awardee and PhD student, Áine French, which made it more enriching.

In general, it was very valuable and stimulating to be able to exchange ideas about approaches to research with everyone I met during the stay.

On the last day, I got the chance to present my preliminary findings and receive feedback from the Centerdata researchers. Besides, I had the pleasure of strolling around a new city and exploring Tilburg's many parks and surrounding green areas in my favorite way—going for a run. All in all, I definitely recommend the TAV coordinate program.



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