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Two workshops in Sofia, Bulgaria

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

In connection to the COORDINATE project’s goal to encourage and support non-scientific use of longitudinal and cohort data, two workshops have been held in Sofia, Bulgaria.

First workshop led by Dr. Elitsa Dimitrova was aimed at engaging representatives of the NGO sector working in the field of families and children. The workshop took place on November 28, 2022. During the workshop the professionals working in the NGO sector were introduced to the principles and the main benefits of longitudinal studies, the existing international longitudinal surveys conducted in Bulgaria, the main topics covered in the questionnaires and the access to the data. The participants had the opportunity to learn how to access the existing data from longitudinal surveys, how to plan and design their own studies, how to interpret and communicate the findings from longitudinal surveys in their professional sphere. The workshop provoked an exchange of ideas about mutual cooperation betweenresearchers and professionals fromthe NGO sectorand recognition of the importance of up-to-date longitudinalsurveys on the life-course and its determinants.

On December 14a second workshop was held with young journalists and students from the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication in Sofia University “St. KlimentOhridski”. The workshop was oriented toward the new generation of young professionals, gaining or having already an experience in the sphere of mass media,whose professional activities require a robust knowledge on the principles of data communication, critical evaluation and objective presentation of results and findings from surveysand particularly, from longitudinal surveys on the life-course and its determinants. The challenges of the communication of research findings from longitudinal surveys to the broader audience and the benefits of the cooperation between professionals from the research spheres and mass media were some of main topics discussed during the seminar.

Both workshops have been concluded to be a success by both the participants and the trainer Dr. Elitsa Dimitrova who would like to thank all people and institutions who helped with the organization of the workshops.


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