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A fruitful and rewarding experience at the University of Essex

Updated: Apr 12

I am a full professor at a faculty in Croatia with extensive experience in research and scientific work. On multiple occasions, I have visited eminent scientific institutions in Europe, China, and the USA. My experience with using the TAV program has been extremely positive. Communication with competent individuals responsible for technical issues was excellent and swift. The amount of financial support provided was entirely sufficient to ensure adequate accommodation, meals, transportation, and all other necessary logistics, enabling me to focus solely on my work. I utilized my stay very effectively and based on the collected data; I have written and published three scientific papers in distinguished publications.

Regarding the host institution (University of Essex), I have nothing but words of praise and would gladly return for further research and collaboration with top-notch scientists working there. The University of Essex is a prominent scientific institution with a unique research database. The formal insight into available online data provides a valuable basis for a combined legal and criminological approach to the topic of this project. In addition, it provides an opportunity for esteemed and experienced international researchers. Based on my prior academic experience, I can generally claim that British universities are among the top-quality scientific institution with a very stimulating environment and good infrastructure. My research subject was a criminological analysis of data related to delinquent behaviour among young individuals and their etiological predisposition for later criminal activities. Here, the University of Essex provided me access to a representative set of significant data, which allowed me to enhance my previous research efforts.

Photograph: Wikimedia Commons, Colchester town center.jpg

I must also add that the city of Colchester is student-friendly, with everything easily accessible, and the University staff are very friendly, approachable, and always ready to help. The infrastructure is excellent for studying and scientific advancement. It's a place where you can meet scientists from around the world dealing with similar issues as you, and you can build a good network of international contacts. Therefore, I recommend to anyone interested in this kind of advancement to apply for the TAV program and choose the University of Essex. It will be beneficial for both young scientists and experienced, established experts.


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